Coming Into Balance
                                            RELEASE & RESOLVE...STRESS & TRAUMATIC ANXIETY
The following is a list And explanation of healing arts bodywork modalities I trained and studied in before before becoming a Somatic Counselor/Practitioner.

This background has offered me a deeper understanding of how our nervous and musculature systems hold old woundings. Through long held scarred belief patterns we continue sending high levels of cortisol into our system and organs. 

We can emerge through the clouds of emotional darkness and constricted psycho-physiobiological pathways.

Swedish Massage - Light or Deep Tissue

A clothes-off style of massage using oil or lotion. Relaxing feel good strokes that can be either a light or deep kneading pressure on the muscle tissue which releases tension and constriction within the muscle tissue. Promotes better circulation and increases lymphatic flow.


Foot Rehabilitation

A bodywork technique that works on opening the feet and releasing of the constrictions between the 28 bones of the feet. Promotes structural balance of the foot bones. Alleviates foot congestion and integrates our lower body in how we walk and carry our torso. Many times there can be a deeper emotional body. Pressure applied to the feet will generate a signal through the peripheral nervous system, which then enters the central nervous system. It is then processed in various parts of the brain and relayed to the internal organs and onto the motor system.

Kneading and acupressure on the feet, hands and ears to stimulate nerve, blood and meridian flow in the whole body.
Pressure applied to various parts of the foot will generate a signal through the peripheral nervous system, which then enters the central nervous system. It is then processed in various parts of the brain and relayed to the internal organs and onto the motor system.

Combination of Thai Massage & Japanese Shiatsu
A blending of ancient Thai Massage (originally developed in India) and Japanese Shiatsu. This bodywork style works on stretching out the joints and tendons, along with kneading and compression movements of the muscles, Releasing and working acupressure meridian lines and opening energies points in the body. This work is done on a padded mat with either light cotton or stretchable clothing.

Cranial Sacral Balancing
The craniosacral system (a physiological system like the cardiovascular and respiratory systems) provides the physical environment in which the brain and spinal cord develop and function. Gentle movements are applied to the skull and vertebrae to balance the circulation of the liquid that surrounds the brain. Because the whole body expands and contracts with the rhythm created by the cranial pulse -- the pumping of this fluid -- the cranial sacral system affects the entire body. Working on the cranial sacral system brings the body into balance, releasing accumulated stress to create a general sense of
well-being. It also can help with headaches, neck and jaw pain, and problems with the pelvis and the diaphragm.

Lymphatic Massage

A gentle technique that works through the body's fluid system to activate the circulation of the tissues and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. The result of these actions can include reductions in edemas, detoxification of the body, regeneration of tissue as well as many other benefits.

Muscle and Joint Vibrational Massage Energy Release

Clothes on bodywork technique that works with client's natural energy flow to open energy blocks. Promotes flexibility in joints and muscles and body fluidity. Includes kneading of muscles, compressions and stretches.

Sports Massage

Utilizing various techniques and bodywork movements of Vibrational Healing Massage, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage. We begin opening up the strained muscles and energy blocks related to sports injuries.

EBR/Emotional Breath Release
A touch based therapy that interacts with muscle constrictions throughout the body, which inhibits the flow of the energy within our body. Allows for release of physical constriction and emotional congestion stored in the body…promotes a deeper body healing.

Breathwork / Grounding & Meditation
Learn through various exercises and techniques how to relax and bring more clarity and awareness to your body.

I had been a client of Rik's seeing him on a regular basis for a variety of physical treatments, including traditional massage, foot and back focused massage sessions and Thai and Shiatsu treatments. In my personal experience, Rik's professionalism, skills and empathy are unmatched by any other in a world where everyone talks and few listen or connect. Rik has a rare gift in being able to be present and open others up, mentally, physically and spiritually. These treatments have not only helped me recover from my strenuous physical training regimen but also provide me with a sense of calm and well-being…SS